NMC system is an AMI – Automatic Metering Infrastructure – for energy, water or gas. NMC system is a multi vendor solution, incorporating most popular meters in the global market.NMC implements PLC – Power Line Carrier – communication, which uses the electrical grid as communication path, decreasing the installation costs. The data is concentrated in a HUB which function is save the information and manages the M2M service for the utility servers.

“Microstar A2000 y D2000 Industrial / Commercial / Residential metering”

“Approved meter with pulse output, compatible with NMC”


The smart electronic meters Microstar, because of their functionality and capacity, deliver more data than similar. Therefore, NMC achieved the maximum potential of information.

IEC and DIN versions are available.

For instances, some of the registers available are:

Voltage, Current, Demand per phase, Load profiles, Power Factor, Frequency, etc.

Watertech ® is a NMC technology partner for AMI solutions in water metering.

Applications of residential, industrial and macro metering, NMC system can provide valuable information such as:

 Flow rate (litres per minute)

Total Volume (litres or cubic meter)

NMC system works with the most popular meters in the global market, using the protocolos as follows:

IEC 61107



ANSI C12.21 and C12.19

Physical Ports: IrDa, RS 458, RS 232, Ethernet

Regarding water meters, NMC integrate pulse emitter sensors or any of the protocols mentioned above.


READER NMC is the hardware that makes NMC a versatile and reliable system.
It is able to read multiple meters, sending and receiving information using the PLC modem
READER NMC is used for energy or water metering.

READER NMC RS 485 / RS232 communication ports, as well as the input / output control signals enable the hardware to easy adapt to your project requirements and specifications.

READER NMC is a powerful device that periodically read the meter registers, control the ON OFF service supply and communicate with the HUB through PLC network.
Works on low voltage infrastructure – 120/ 208/220/380/440 VAC , 50 – 60 Hz.

BWS PlatformDemo trial

BWS is the NMC highest level component . BWS is powerful software that provides current and local information in situ.
Additionally, BWS manages the communication to the cloud, for sending information in real time.

BWS is a valuable management tool: information query per date range in tables or charts can be made in an intuitive and multi user web environment,
BWS is able to share information using ADSL, GPRS, 3G, 4G or any available IP connection with other systems, besides can be integrated to BMS systems through Modbus RTU or TCP.
NMC system has been designed to handle redundant information, saving it at each device, local hub and utility servers.

BWS Server is the desktop version of BWS. It is designed for being used in central metering control centers, in where all the information, previously sent by the remote BWS units arond the city, is centralized. Some features are information query per date range, automatic energy balance generation, alarms and mailing alerts, reports, etc.
BWS and BWS Server can be obtained through SaaS model – Software as a Service – ; hosted in our servers without high initial investment in infrastructure.


NMC system has an excellent performance over wire traditionally or electrical bus way installation, and is used in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, for utilities or sub metering purposes.
NMC is appropriate for centralized measurement in outdoor populated urban environments



    The tallest building of Colombia and the second in South America, after the Great Tower Santiago in Santiago de Chile.
    BD BACATÁ is the most ambitious architectural complex that is being built now in Colombia and will be positioned as the new icon of the renewal Bogota downtown. This is a skyscraper consisting of two towers, one of them the highest of Colombia, with 66 floors and 114.384 m2 of total construction.


    Daily transmissions

    The NMC system demonstrates that it is in the ability to support large projects. The high frequency of transmission of data through your network PLC (Power Line Carrier) allows you to have a large content of information at any instant.


    Signal locks

    The network PLC (Power Line Carrier) NMC system does not suffer from signal locks because it uses the bus as way to transport data.



    The NMC system was compatible with the advanced design that is proposed in such an ambitious project. NMC adapts to the different uses that the project will have as are housing, offices, shopping center and parking.


    Compliance ET 927: This building has been built using the technology of bus way for energy distribution, that has allowed to be more efficient in the use of the materials. To do this the system NMC approved in the technical specification ET927 of centralized measure allows Codensa, the city energy utility, to manage everything related with the power supply from back office. | Real intelligent building: Additional to the systems installed in the building, NMC system becomes the building in a real intelligent building because the control and supervision of electrical and energy system can be done from control centre.


    Has been the budget savings within the project electro to the use the bus way and NMC. 120 Is the number of offices managed remotely by NMC.


    The number of offices is managed remotely by NMC.


    One of the most important projects of the Bogotá metropolitan area. Account with an offer of the main shops in the country.


    Is the energy savings that has achieved the commercial center by means of the permanent monitoring of the consumptions of point charges.


    is the information stored by the system NMC in 2 years of operation. This information has allowed us to make historical reports of consumption.


    Of wire that were not installed because the technology Power Line Carrier of NMC makes the data traveling on the bus way improve the reliability and the material savings.

  • Bogotá Corporate Center

    It is a Office complex located in one of the most important business areas of Bogota D.C. In its facilities houses important multinationals with an offer that meets the highest standards of safety, comfort and infrastructure. | Key benefits: Before the energy accumulate data collection and the administrative management to obtain the consumptions of offices took 4 days. With NMC and its software BWS in a matter of minutes they get all of the consumption. | Instantly: Query most important electrical variables in order to count with the best quality of electricity service possible. | Reliability: With the Load control system, the building, in a scenery of absence of grid power, can ensure that the generation plants may supplement the 100% charge demanded at peak hours.


    clicks to get the whole of the consumption.

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